Email Robots – Automatic Triage and Responses

Discover how our robots developed for Outlook and Gmail can automate shared mailboxes in your company using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Currently, shared mailboxes can be a bottleneck that hinders workflow, typically managed by human agents. Email remains one of the preferred communication channels for businesses, and as the business expands, the challenge of responding to requests grows, demanding more resources to address the needs of clients, suppliers, partners, or collaborators.

The principle of Engibots is based on the premise that at least 60% of emails in shared mailboxes correspond to direct requests, making it possible to automatically process these inquiries through an automated system.

Pre-built Automations

Pre-built process automations are solutions that have been revolutionizing the way companies manage and run their daily operations.

Automation as a service - RPAaaS

Pay as you go" model, with no initial investment in the development of the automations and no need for licensing.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) & AI

Allows you to delegate to robots repetitive tasks performed by humans to the computer. Free your human resources for functions that require judgment and creativity.

Through their experience and technological expertise, Engibots has developed robots that mimic human actions within shared mailboxes, enabling the processing of low to medium difficulty cases, while special situations (e.g., complaints from dissatisfied customers) are handled by employees. These customizable robots offer the following functionalities:

  • Email Reading
  • Interpretation of email content and attachments using AI
  • Creation of rules layer for interpretation and validation
  • Definition of automated response flows or data confirmation
  • Integration with business systems – ERP or others

The robots are provided in an “As a Service” format, with a monthly fee, or in specific cases, within the scope of a project.

By entrusting Engibots with the triage of shared email boxes, not all cases will be resolved, but a significant percentage of responses can be delegated to the robots, allowing employees to focus on responses or tasks that contribute to the effective growth of the business.

These robots can be adapted to the client’s data sources, enabling a seamless integration of triage and response, resulting in even more significant time savings.

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Discover how your company can save several hundred hours per year using robots to manage shared email inboxes. Contact our sales team to see this robot in action and get a quote.

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