You can count on a specialized team to give you full support in implementing automation solutions tailored to your needs.

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Automation Consulting

At Engibots we help companies automate processes faster and more efficiently.

At Engibots, we offer automation consulting services to help companies identify and implement effective process automation solutions.

Our team of highly skilled consultants works closely with customers to understand their operational processes and identify areas where automation can have the greatest impact. Based on our extensive experience in process automation, we help customers select the best automation tools and technologies for their specific needs.

By choosing our automation consulting services, companies can benefit from a number of advantages.

Main advantages of Automation Consulting

Identifying the areas with the greatest impact

Identifying areas where automation can have the greatest impact on your company's efficiency, ensuring a higher return on investment.

Better tools and technologies

Selection of the best automation tools and technologies for the customer's specific needs.

and execution

Efficient planning and execution of automation projects, according to the needs identified in the previous phases.

Reduction of operational costs

Process automation allows companies to reduce the number of man-hours required to perform tasks, which leads to a reduction in costs.

Improving operational efficiency

With process automation, companies can perform tasks faster and with fewer errors, leading to greater operational efficiency.


With less time spent on manual tasks, employees can focus on higher value-added tasks, which leads to higher productivity.

Increased accuracy and quality of services

With fewer errors, companies can improve the quality of their services.

Ability to scale operations

AI and RPA independently are technologies capable of generating enormous value to the business, when combined their value becomes exponential

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