Robots for the Portuguese Tax Authority, e-invoice, Social Security Direct, and IEFP.

Discover how our robots developed for the portals of the Portuguese Tax Authority, e-invoice, Social Security Direct, and IEFP can automate various processes in your company.

The 4 web portals – Portal da Autoridade Tributária, e-fatura, Social Security Direct, and IEFP – are essential collaboration tools between companies and various entities of the Portuguese government. Depending on the industry and size of the company, there may be several repetitive processes that require constant interactions with these platforms. It is also evident that non-compliance with the deadlines for communications with these entities can result in heavy fines for companies.

In a company, in general, the processes involving these portals are handled by employees. Often, these processes are repetitive, with information scattered across shared documents or management systems. Errors and delays can result in heavy fines.

Pre-built Automations

Pre-built process automations are solutions that have been revolutionizing the way companies manage and run their daily operations.

Automation as a service - RPAaaS

Pay as you go" model, with no initial investment in the development of the automations and no need for licensing.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) & AI

Allows you to delegate to robots repetitive tasks performed by humans to the computer. Free your human resources for functions that require judgment and creativity.

Through its experience and knowledge of various processes, Engibots has developed multiple robots that simulate human actions, enabling automatic data insertion, extraction, and verification on the portals of the Tax Authority, e-invoice, Social Security Direct, and IEFP. These robots offer various functionalities, including:

  • Login and logout – Login data retrieved from secure client systems
  • Data and file insertion extracted from client platforms
  • Validation of data changes, with consequent issuance of alerts
  • Data extraction from pages and documents
  • Possibility of sending extracted data and reports via email or insertion into various client collaboration platforms

The robots are offered in the “As a Service” format, with a monthly fee, or in particular cases, within the scope of a project.

Entrusting Engibots with the execution of processes on these platforms allows for significant savings, freeing up human resources for activities of higher added value within the organization, thus contributing to the effective growth of the business.

It is possible to adapt these robots to the client’s data sources, enabling better integration and even more significant time savings.

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Discover how your company can save several hundred hours per year with processes involving these portals. Contact our sales team to see this robot in action and receive a quotation.

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