5 Common Mistakes in RPA Initiatives – Robotic Process Automation

5 Common Mistakes in RPA Initiatives – Robotic Process Automation

Unfortunately, while interacting with various clients, we have found that not all initiatives for automating repetitive processes have a positive impact. Some of the most common reasons we have observed are as follows:

Wrong choice of technology and service delivery model

Often, licensed technologies are recommended to clients who wish to automate only 2 or 3 processes or lack the capacity to maintain an infrastructure. The selection of technology and solution should be based primarily on the client’s maturity and ambition regarding the automation program. Currently, there are numerous RPA tools, some of which do not require licensing, allowing them to be tailored to the morphology of the robots to be built. At Engibots, we provide RPA as a service for companies seeking automation benefits without associated concerns.

Incorrect process identification

Processes are the raw material for RPAs, but not all of them should be automated. The main criterion for automation should be ROI, but other factors, such as process stability, should also be considered. Automating inappropriate processes can lead to a complicated situation for both the client and the provider, as automation may take a long time to develop and never achieve true stability.

Lack of project team capacity

Not everyone has the ability to perform RPAs on a corporate scale. Small processes should indeed be highly encouraged, even by organizations. However, when it comes to typical business processes with complexity and challenges represented by systems, a competent and capable team is needed to ensure correct implementation. Failing to do so will result in compromised maintenance and stability of the processes.

Non-existent governance and support model

A significant portion of automated processes interact with third-party platforms, which necessitates robot maintenance. However, assuming they were well-built, these intervention needs should not require more than minor adjustments in most cases. Nevertheless, it will still compensate significantly for the investment made to achieve the respective automation savings.

Lack of KPI collection

What is not measured cannot be improved. Therefore, taking actions without adequate information is a mistake to be avoided. It is crucial to establish the collection of key performance indicators to evaluate the success and effectiveness of automation initiatives.

By avoiding these common mistakes, RPA initiatives have a greater chance of success, benefiting both companies and their clients. The careful and strategic approach to implementing repetitive process automation can bring significant improvements in business efficiency and quality.

With a solid reputation as a leader in RPA solutions and experience across various industries, Engibots offers customized solutions to meet the specific needs of each client. Staying up-to-date with the latest automation trends, our dedicated team is ready to drive the success of your business. Trust Engibots to achieve greater operational efficiency and excellence in process automation.