HRB Solutions: Repetitive Process Automation

How HRB was able to reallocate hundreds of man-hours a year using RPA technology

Engibots is a company specialized in digital transformation, automation consulting and RPA (Robotic Process Automation), as well as in the development of customized software solutions and integrations for companies. A successful case was the partnership with HRB Solutions, a company in the area of recruitment, training and internship processes. HRB was looking to optimize its operational processes, improve collaboration and centralized management of its data.

With Engibots’ support, HRB Solutions implemented RPA robots in its operation, fully automating several processes and significantly improving collaboration and data management.

The solution involved the application of several RPA robots, in charge of numerous tasks, such as document filling, interaction with web platforms like SIGO, among other examples. Today, HRB has a very robust digital workforce, benefiting from significant savings and efficiency.

In parallel, the opportunity was identified to adopt a collaborative and data centralization tool – Smartsheet. Engibots was responsible for implementing the data model, automation and training the HRB team. Additional robots and integrations were also developed to customize the platform to the client’s operational needs.

Engibots also created a web portal to centralize, collect and share information with employees, allowing them to register their personal data, schedule vacations/absences and access their pay slips. This portal, with access control and different profiles, facilitated interaction and data provision to HRB Solutions’ employees.

The benefits obtained by HRB Solutions can be replicated by other clients seeking digital transformation of their operational processes. Engibots collaborates closely with its clients to understand their specific needs and develop customized solutions that meet their business objectives. Engibots’ expertise in process automation and data collaboration enables it to provide innovative and effective solutions that significantly improve operations and customer relationships.

HRB Solutions has benefited from ongoing collaboration with Engibots, receiving ongoing support and maintenance. Ongoing collaboration and commitment to the client is critical to project success and business growth. HRB Solutions now operates more efficiently, managing its data better and increasing team productivity, resulting in a significant competitive advantage.

In short, working with Engibots means having access to innovative and customized solutions that can significantly improve business operations and customer relations. Implementing technologies such as RPA, Smartsheet and portal allows companies to save valuable time and resources by automating repetitive and bureaucratic tasks and allowing the team to focus on more strategic and valuable business tasks.